Saturday, March 1, 2008

Update - February 29, 2008

The game has been updated to build 25,306. A lot of bugs have been squashed, and there are a few small miscellaneous updates. The two most notable are a few NPC changes in Fort Aspenwood and Ilsundur, Lord of Fire losing its inherent health regeneration buff. [source]

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

New Contest Coming

Gaile recently stated on her wiki talk page that a new contest was forthcoming that will now tickle the left side of your brain. To the laymen this means that it will revolve around intelligence rather than artistic skill.

Most of ArenaNet's prior Contests have involved some sort of artistic skill. The least amount of skill probably stems from the Brand the Boss contests, which gave us Molotov Rocktail and Wroth Yakslapper. They have also had quite a few contests involving drawing or painting some art invocative of the upcoming events.

Other Contests merely involved adding your name to a lottery, such as the Mini Mania contest.

What this means is that a Contest to tickle the left brain will be a welcome new addition, and everyone likes to try and win stuff.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Qui-Pt Success!

The numbers were a little hazy with NCSoft's last quarterly report showing Guild Wars having sold 4,500,000 units. Well, Guild Wars fanatics, ArenaNet has just reported that they have sold over 5,000,000 units! The success is terrific given that the game is less than 3 years old, it started from a new company and a new world (read: IP), and it was a non-subscription MMO.

This is a great accomplishment, but let's add some context and perspective. It is unknown exactly what units comprises. It could be only the three main campaigns (Prophecies, Factions, and Nightfall) and the expansion (Eye of the North), or it could also include PvP packs, the $10 bonus mission pack, and other "units" on sale. Quite a few players each have bought over 4 units, of the latter definition. In other words, you just can't take 5 million and multiply by $30-50 to determine financial success... but there is no doubt it still is a financial success.

Also of note, this is a worldwide accomplishment. Guild Wars is available in a multitude of languages and countries, and is likely in markets most MMOs have not touched yet.

I think that there are two bottom lines: 1) I'm making a note here (Guild Wars was a): huge success! and 2) they are in a great position to truly rumble the rafters for Guild Wars 2 entry.

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Monday, February 25, 2008

Canthan New Years 2008 Montage

Thanks to for hosting. A hi-res version (where you can see the people say "Nian!" is available from as well). Be sure to check them out. They have a lot of other cool videos from Guild Wars and other games.

I am working on two other videos, although I suspect the one on the Bonus Missions is going to change drastically. The other is a story of Gwen. The hold up there is getting a picture of Gwen right at the Searing, and getting her fighting Dahgar the Eye of Flame (my main has long since finished the quest). Since I played Alliance_Battles all weekend, my Guild Wars time will be spent getting towards those goals now.

Please leave comments and suggestions, good or bad.

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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Guess the 3rd Year Presents!

Gaile has made a page over at the official wiki where community members can guess what the third year birthday miniatures will be. Here is the link to that page.

Birthday miniatures are a Guild Wars tradition that started when the earliest made characters (April 28, 2005) turned one year old. Any character that has a birthday will receive a birthday present. The birthday present item contains one random miniature from the set of that year's birthday presents. A character created one year ago will receive a birthday present containing a miniature from the 1st year set, regardless of campaign or type (yes, PvP characters can receive birthday presents).

On April 28, 2008, Guild Wars will be celebrating its third birthday having sold over 4,500,000 boxes.

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Update - February 12, 2008

A minor update was released today bringing the Guild Wars build to 25,242. There was only one "substantive" change where a few of the NPC Archer positions on the Isle of the Dead were moved around. There were also a few small graphic glitches that were fixed; the biggest being (according to fansite murmurings) a bug that affected Cynn's dress.

The reason for the uproar, is that most people had no idea what could have been changed on Cynn's dress, and so people believed it had to do with ArenaNet finally removing her easter egg. The easter egg is that Cynn is actually wearing a thong, which you can see by clipping the camera through the dress. A lot of people were pretty upset with the thought of losing the special easter egg, obviously near and dear to their hearts. Thankfully, the fix did not affect her underwear.

Also of note .dat explorers (people who look through the huge data file in the Guild Wars directory) believe that the Design-A-Weapon Contest weapons are finally in place. Gaile had mentioned that the dev team might sneak them in for players to find for themselves like the Totem Axe was released. So if you are out and about this weekend, keep your eyes peeled for some new weapons.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Oola Steals Dwarf Technology

Throughout the Guild Wars history, and even in the playable periods, civilizations and cultures have risen and fallen like waves, but sometimes we see ripples of one falling wave affect a rising one. Asura meet Stone Summit, Stone Summit... Asura.

Back in November, 2005, ArenaNet gave the free mini-expansion Sorrow's Furnace to existing Guild Wars accounts. The expansion opened up a dungeon controlled by the xenophobic dwarf culture, the Stone Summit. The players had to beat a multitude of quests, revisiting Sorrow's Furnace multiple times, to finally face the end boss, the Iron Forgeman. At the close of the Prophecies campaign and the Sorrow's Furnace arc, the Stone Summit were largely defeated.

Nearly five years later, the Asura - a subterranean refugee race fleeing from the Destroyers - arrived on the surface of Tyria. Most of them took up shelter in the Tarnished Coast, but it seems that quite a few ventured around the other civilizations. Oola, a powerful Golemancer, in particular found herself at some point in the Southern Shiverpeaks where she happened upon the remnants of the Stone Summit's epic Iron Forgeman, or it may be that she stole it from Duncan the Black at Slaver's Exile. It is unclear if she just stole from the information needed to create their monstrosity, or actual pieces of the Forgeman.

Nonetheless, it is apparent that whatever she took was enough to start making smaller replicas of the golem in her own lab. Brave adventurers can seek out replicas of the fallen Forgeman in the Oola's Lab dungeon with the Eye of the North expansion.


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