Thursday, February 21, 2008

Update - February 12, 2008

A minor update was released today bringing the Guild Wars build to 25,242. There was only one "substantive" change where a few of the NPC Archer positions on the Isle of the Dead were moved around. There were also a few small graphic glitches that were fixed; the biggest being (according to fansite murmurings) a bug that affected Cynn's dress.

The reason for the uproar, is that most people had no idea what could have been changed on Cynn's dress, and so people believed it had to do with ArenaNet finally removing her easter egg. The easter egg is that Cynn is actually wearing a thong, which you can see by clipping the camera through the dress. A lot of people were pretty upset with the thought of losing the special easter egg, obviously near and dear to their hearts. Thankfully, the fix did not affect her underwear.

Also of note .dat explorers (people who look through the huge data file in the Guild Wars directory) believe that the Design-A-Weapon Contest weapons are finally in place. Gaile had mentioned that the dev team might sneak them in for players to find for themselves like the Totem Axe was released. So if you are out and about this weekend, keep your eyes peeled for some new weapons.

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