Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Oola Steals Dwarf Technology

Throughout the Guild Wars history, and even in the playable periods, civilizations and cultures have risen and fallen like waves, but sometimes we see ripples of one falling wave affect a rising one. Asura meet Stone Summit, Stone Summit... Asura.

Back in November, 2005, ArenaNet gave the free mini-expansion Sorrow's Furnace to existing Guild Wars accounts. The expansion opened up a dungeon controlled by the xenophobic dwarf culture, the Stone Summit. The players had to beat a multitude of quests, revisiting Sorrow's Furnace multiple times, to finally face the end boss, the Iron Forgeman. At the close of the Prophecies campaign and the Sorrow's Furnace arc, the Stone Summit were largely defeated.

Nearly five years later, the Asura - a subterranean refugee race fleeing from the Destroyers - arrived on the surface of Tyria. Most of them took up shelter in the Tarnished Coast, but it seems that quite a few ventured around the other civilizations. Oola, a powerful Golemancer, in particular found herself at some point in the Southern Shiverpeaks where she happened upon the remnants of the Stone Summit's epic Iron Forgeman, or it may be that she stole it from Duncan the Black at Slaver's Exile. It is unclear if she just stole from the information needed to create their monstrosity, or actual pieces of the Forgeman.

Nonetheless, it is apparent that whatever she took was enough to start making smaller replicas of the golem in her own lab. Brave adventurers can seek out replicas of the fallen Forgeman in the Oola's Lab dungeon with the Eye of the North expansion.


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