Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Qui-Pt Success!

The numbers were a little hazy with NCSoft's last quarterly report showing Guild Wars having sold 4,500,000 units. Well, Guild Wars fanatics, ArenaNet has just reported that they have sold over 5,000,000 units! The success is terrific given that the game is less than 3 years old, it started from a new company and a new world (read: IP), and it was a non-subscription MMO.

This is a great accomplishment, but let's add some context and perspective. It is unknown exactly what units comprises. It could be only the three main campaigns (Prophecies, Factions, and Nightfall) and the expansion (Eye of the North), or it could also include PvP packs, the $10 bonus mission pack, and other "units" on sale. Quite a few players each have bought over 4 units, of the latter definition. In other words, you just can't take 5 million and multiply by $30-50 to determine financial success... but there is no doubt it still is a financial success.

Also of note, this is a worldwide accomplishment. Guild Wars is available in a multitude of languages and countries, and is likely in markets most MMOs have not touched yet.

I think that there are two bottom lines: 1) I'm making a note here (Guild Wars was a): huge success! and 2) they are in a great position to truly rumble the rafters for Guild Wars 2 entry.

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