Monday, February 25, 2008

Canthan New Years 2008 Montage

Thanks to for hosting. A hi-res version (where you can see the people say "Nian!" is available from as well). Be sure to check them out. They have a lot of other cool videos from Guild Wars and other games.

I am working on two other videos, although I suspect the one on the Bonus Missions is going to change drastically. The other is a story of Gwen. The hold up there is getting a picture of Gwen right at the Searing, and getting her fighting Dahgar the Eye of Flame (my main has long since finished the quest). Since I played Alliance_Battles all weekend, my Guild Wars time will be spent getting towards those goals now.

Please leave comments and suggestions, good or bad.


Anonymous said...

whats the name of the song!

Ravious said...

Heart of Asia by Watergate.