Tuesday, February 19, 2008

2008 RAWR Cup: Seeking Community Input

The GuildCafe Tournament Committee (GCTC) for the next 2008 RAWR Cup is requesting community input. They are deciding everything from tournament prizes to guild division placements. Drop by the GCTC home or they have ongoing tournament chat.

They also are trying to decide how to handle tournament map lineups. They seem to be focused on three major options:

1. Completely random maps in which we can choose to make a pool of maps to be randomly selected or leave it open to be randomly chosen from the complete pool of maps that exist in Guild Wars.

2. If we go with random and our own select pool of maps then would you like to know what the pool of maps are or not?

3. We can do it just like we did with the previous RAWR Cup and like the current Automated Tournament system where the maps are predetermined and disclosed to the players.

ArenaNet's Andrew Patrick is also decidedly watching the outcome of these discussions. So if you love PvP, tell the GCTC how you feel about their community-driven tournament!

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