Monday, February 18, 2008


A fan of any living, evolving game is going to have suggestions for change because the nature of the game is to evolve. The same goes for Guild Wars, which has changed to amazing degrees. Some of the best changes have seemed to come directly from fans, such as, henchmen, moving mouths, and most recently the Party Animal title.

Suggestions, especially ones that are well thought out and give the problem, the answer, and the reason for the answer can have impact on the game.

The worst way to give information is to email ArenaNet directly or to write a support ticket with your suggestion in it. DO NOT MAKE SUGGESTIONS THIS WAY! Legally, ArenaNet might not be able to read your suggestion at all. So you might have written the best suggestion in the world, and it will be deleted without anyone being the wiser.

There is no best way, but there are a couple of really good ways to give suggestions to the community and ArenaNet.

Suggestions Forums. One good way is to post in a suggestion forum on the many good fansites. The best reason to post this way is your suggestion is thrown out to the community to pass through the grinder. If your suggestion sucks, you will know it.

The Official Wiki. Another good way to post a suggestion is to post it on the official wiki. Gaile has some official suggestion pages for Guild Wars, Guild Wars 2, and even the website. Also many ArenaNet employees look at the talk pages for specific portions of the game. So, if you hate the usability of Lightbringer Signet you can make suggestions on the skill's talk page. (The PvP guru, Izzy, also has a suggestion page, but it is currently being reworked.)

Now you have the tools, so go forth and write well written, concise suggestions... and be sure to add the word "because."

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